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You are sitting in the front row and several of your good friends are up on stage to volunteer for Keith Kocher's Krazy Hypnosis Show. Keith, a certified hypnotherapist, induces a hypnotic trance and you see your friends, one by one, drop to the floor sound asleep. Then by speaking just a few words, one of your friends suddenly jumps to her feet, grabs the microphone, and starts singing because she believes she is Madonna. Another friend has a horrified look on his face because he can not find his pet canary and somebody in the audience has stolen it. Somebody else is frantically scratching all over her body from imaginary insects. All along your most intelligent friend is crawling along the floor acting like a vacuum cleaner.

Sound like great entertainment?
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The Keith Kocher Krazy Hypnosis Show !
It's A Scream!
Keith opens each show by addressing some frequently asked questions about hypnosis and performs some mass audience hypnosis. Then he has 20-30 audience volunteers run up to the stage to be hypnotized. It is at this point that the show really begins. Your friends will fall asleep and upon awakening will yell strange things, go on an imaginary trip to Hawaii, turn into or meet celebrities and see things that only exist in their imaginations.


How could you not be! Book a show today and become the star of your event!
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